Team 24/7 x Team 91 Carolina Merger

Team 91 Carolina/Dynamic Sports & Team 24/7 Lacrosse Join Forces

April 7, 2021

Team 24/7 Lacrosse and Team 91 Carolina/Dynamic Sports are pleased to announce our forthcoming merger, which will take effect immediately, to operate boys and girls lacrosse clubs and training, camps, tournaments and showcases in the Charlotte and the Triad areas of North Carolina.


Team 24/7 has quickly entrenched itself as the premier club in Charlotte and one of the most recognized clubs in the entire South. North Carolina has seen exponential growth in both quantity and quality of players in recent years. Through its hands-on player development, guided by former professional and University of North Carolina All-American Ryan Flanagan, former Division I Head Coach (Mercer University) Kyle Hannan and Director Rush Dickson, Team 24/7 has groomed more than 60 college commitments to schools of all levels since 2017. Those players have matriculated to schools like North Carolina, Ohio State, Georgetown, Delaware, Navy, Air Force, High Point, among others. Dynamic Sports operates, among others, Team 91 Lacrosse, Leading Edge Lacrosse, My Lacrosse Tournaments, All-America Games as well as numerous camps, clinics and competitive club lacrosse teams for boys and girls located in NY (Long Island and Westchester), NJ, MD, FL, NC, PA, CO & TX.     


Flanagan, Hannan, Dickson and their staff will continue to operate the club as Team 91 Charlotte, while High Point Head Coach Jon Torpey and his staff will operate Team 91 Triad. Torpey has established himself as one of college lacrosse’s top young coaches, and his coaching acumen and relationships in college lacrosse will be invaluable resources to Team 91 Triad families. Nick Holota and his staff will continue to operate Team 91 Carolina out of the Raleigh/Durham area.


Coach Hannan will take over the role of Team 91 Director of Player Development in the South region, as well as create a homogenized coaching, training and development routine for Team 91’s other regions across the country while also continuing to work directly with the Team 91 Charlotte program on a day to day basis. Hannan has 34 years of college coaching experience, including 27 as a head coach in both Division I and Division III. Coach Hannan’s coaching accolades include three national championships, tutelage to 44 All-Americans and being named Coach of the Year in three different conferences. 


Here’s what people are saying:


“Merging Team 91 Carolina with Team 24/7 Lacrosse brings together two of the largest and most competitive programs in the region. The merger unites the top lacrosse players in Raleigh, Greensboro and Charlotte for the first time ever and helps us grow the game in the Carolinas, develop the best players and create opportunities for them to compete with and against each other as we help them achieve their goal of playing at the next level. Team 91 is a national leader in development and consistently fields some of the best teams in the entire country. We want to take those developmental principles and combine them with what we have in the Carolinas already to continue to push the sport to the highest level the area has ever seen. The merger also provides our players with more access to exclusive events and showcases including the National Lacrosse Federation (NLF). Most importantly, our Team 24/7 staff isn’t going anywhere. We are all here to stay and to continue building on what we already have. We’re not changing our approach. The staff that has built this program to where it is today remains more focused than ever on building it for the future. This merger completely changes the game in the Carolinas and allows us to do even more for the sport, our players and our families.” Ryan Flanagan, Founder of Team 24/7 Lacrosse


“We are really excited to work with Team 91 Lacrosse. Over the years, Team 91 has done a great job of offering top-notch coaching and tremendous opportunities for players of all age groups to compete against the very best in the sport. This partnership will do great things for our area.” Jon Torpey, Director of Team 91 Triad and High Point head coach


“The opportunity to work closely with so many great coaches and leaders of our sport across North Carolina will be tremendous for all of our Team 91 players. With Team 91 Carolina, we have always prided ourselves on having great coaches, with an emphasis on high level training and competing against tough competition, a philosophy for success shared by the Team 24/7 staff. This is a transformative merger for the sport in the Carolinas that is going to unlock a ton of opportunity and potential for our players and families. We look forward to working together and elevating the sport in our region.” Nick Holota, Director of Team 91 Carolina


“I am thrilled to be part of Team 91. Transitioning from the college game to Team 24/7 has been a positive experience and now I am grateful for the opportunity to join forces with Team 91, one of the strongest programs in the country. When recruiting as a college coach, I always had a tremendous amount of respect for the Team 91 organization. The professionalism, competitiveness and level of coaching in the Team 91 program is extremely high. I’m honored to be able to work with such a great group of coaches and players as we continue to grow the game in the region.” Kyle Hannan, Team 91 Director of Player Development in the South


“Since joining Team 24/7 in 2015, I’ve seen us do some incredible things to grow the sport of lacrosse in Charlotte. As a Charlotte native, it has been a special thing to be a part of and it’s important to me. Our merger with Team 91 allows us to elevate the game even further in Charlotte, the Triad and beyond. Ryan, Coach Hannan and myself have never been more engaged and excited about the future. This merger unlocks a ton of potential for what we can do with the sport in the Carolinas and I look forward to the opportunity to continue to help lead and provide a positive, instructional and fun lacrosse culture for many years to come.” Rush Dickson, Team 24/7 Director


“I’ve known Ryan for almost 20 years, dating back to his time as a standout at West Islip and North Carolina, and have had the pleasure of watching him become one of the premier operators, coaches and mentors in the game. Whenever we get a chance to partner up with a like-minded entrepreneur like Ryan, we always try to figure out a way to make it work.  I think what separates us from other lacrosse organizations is trying to keep that legacy feeling when our clubs merge.  There’s no benefit in making changes with the staff, its players, or what’s made it great.  Having Ryan, Rush and Coach Hannan all on board makes for some very exciting opportunities for all of our Team 91 families across the country.”

George Breres + Sean Chamberlain, Co-Presidents of Dynamic Sports Management